Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Packages!!! More Adventures!

Hi Fam,

Thanks for Brendan’s Sweetheart’s dance pictures….Go Brendan! I just sent him an email so I guess he can read it once he gets home from school. And my heart died yesterday. Even though the Superbowl isn’t at all popular out here, my companion and I walked passed a bar yesterday and I saw that beautiful sight of Peyton Manning in his ugly Broncos Helmet (haha). I'll admit that my footsteps got a little shorter and my pace got a little slower as we walked passed that bar. But I knew that I had to keep walking, and I got my head focused back into the work right after I saw that lovely sight... :)

I got a package from Brother Pace!!! :D I felt loved by the ward that someone else sent me things too :) It was a Christmas package! He sent a tie, salt water taffy, other candy, Stephens hot cocoa, a letter, and a picture of his family. It was really cool :)

We actually have been having more struggles with Rigoberto and Saraí. Charo, too. They were going to get married, we have all the papers ready. Then they told us the other night that they wanted to wait for a year. UGH. I knew that it wasn’t going to be that easy. We were talking to them the other night, and they told us that in their hearts they felt like they could be married and continue in their progression to be baptized. But their mind is telling them to wait for a year. Of course you know how we tried to explain this situation. We talked about how the Spirit works, and how the adversary works. It was a long and difficult discussion because they believe everything! They tell us about how they read, they believe, they want to be baptized. But they are living in free union, a violation of the law of chastity, and they cannot be baptized because they are living in sin. The options they have are to be married or to be split apart. We told them about these options and how it was the only way they could be baptized. We want them to be married, because they are a family. They have a daughter, and we don’t want them to be split apart from their family.

Charo is just having difficulty believing. We were talking to her, and she has just a trouble of how to know. How her prayers can be answered. I told her what I felt impressed to tell her and then we had a discussion. It’s difficult because she tells us she reads and prays, but if she is dishonest with us she is only hurting herself.

Last night we had a zone meeting in Martinez. It was cool, fun, I felt happy, and I enjoyed the time I had to talk with other missionaries. On the way home, I thought about the situation of Charo, Rigoberto and Saraí. The whole time, I focused on them. What action could I take to help them in this situation. I prayed on the bus, I studied the scriptures, and I felt a genuine love for each one of them as I studied. I just hope that the things I studied for will help them. This morning I woke up and studied specifically for them. I found various promises of blessings of knowledge of truths through Obedience to the Word of Wisdom. I am continually searching for more ways to help them. I have listened to multiple talks today by Richard G Scott on prayer and Dieter F. Utchdorf on action. I really hope that we can share a message that they will accept the spirit into their hearts, and act on it.

We found some ruins in our area while walking and exploring. We found a little shack in the middle of nowhere... We have an appointment with them on Wednesday. I attached some pictures of our Journey across the river area.

Thank you Mom for the dvd’s :) My companion and I have been able to watch a couple of them. You have no idea how much I want a temple marriage. My heart literally yearns to have a temple marriage and to be sealed with my spouse for all time and eternity. I have 20 more months to work, and upon my return I will have a goal. Get to the temple, with her. I don’t know who she is yet. But I know that she is somewhere right now. And in time, we will meet each other at the altar of the temple. To take that special woman, who I will forever hold dear to my heart, who I want to spend eternity in love with. Raise a family that will be together forever. This is what I want. And I am willing to do anything to obtain it worthily. I received a lot of personal revelation this week. Things that I know I want. Especially a temple marriage.


Elder Koontz

YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT JOY FILLED MY BODY WHEN I SAW THIS. ;) Sadly no I did not get my Christmas package, and no one knows where it is.  :(  

I started teaching an English Class!

I had about 8-9 people in the class this first time.  This is the white board after class.

I feel like I´m doing a good job! People practice with me when we talk sometimes :)

Some of the Youth that were in the class that wanted to take a picture.

We visited the pyramids again and we found a place with water.

I got my Clothes you sent :) :)

Me sitting OUTSIDE the body of water..... Sadly we cant swim.... 
and it was soooooo hot today, and the water looked soooo refreshing...

We all got our hair and heads wet to cool off too :)

Me at the pyramids otra vez con mis compañeros (again with my companions)

We all left our mark in the temple. A couple heavenly messengers
with some light filled names amongst the groserías.

Elder Aguilar y yo

The Flash was pretty bright but I thought it looked really cool with the brightness of the Jersey. 
It illuminated the representation of the best team on earth

We found some ruins in our area while walking and exploring. 

Here are some pictures of our Journey across the river area.

Yes, I climbed the ladder to the top of the bridge.

The top of the bridge

It's kinda difficult to see, but there were some monster ants up on that bridge. A little smaller than the top section of your index finger. It was difficult to get a focused picture while close.. They were every were, and their pincer things were huge.

Strike a pose

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