Friday, March 11, 2016

Little Caesars in Mexico??

Hi Family,

My companion and I had special changes! It’s sad because he was my favorite companion in the field, but it happened! He is going to my old zone in Martinez, and I am going to be in a trio for a while with some other Elders. We don’t know why, but there are 4 people leaving our zone But yupp! For the next little while I´m gonna be here with some other Elders who are pretty cool :) They don’t do a whole lot of contacting in the street.... So we´re gonna work on that ;)

There is a picture attached of "The Mama" She is literally the mother of missionaries. The only thing that makes her not our mother exactly is blood. She helps us with everything. She is so great. Especially with food... She will bring us pizza any day of the week if we ask her. She is the prime Mama of all mama gallina (hen) in the mission. It was her birthday the other day so we all brought cake and celebrated with her. She is super awesome and super kind and loving. She has so many pictures with so many different missionaries all throughout her house.

Yes, I did get the package you sent and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I shared all the suckers with the people in my zone............ Wasn’t my intention at first but it’s what happened... I did get 2 from the bag though. I love the ties and the shirt is awesome!!! I wear it to bed a lot. I LOVE THE BOOK. I get trunky every time I look at it.. But then I put it away and continue on with what I was doing. :)

Not gonna lie, the work isn’t exactly a walk in the park here in Tuxpan. We only have one progressing investigator and she is awesome. The work has been hard but I love it. It gets challenging on the mind sometimes. We pray, ask for specific things and have faith that we will receive them. But it puts you down when the things you specifically ask for don’t come to pass. Again, again, and again... I started thinking about what I wasn´t doing, what more could I do to find more people and find success. I studied Preach My Gospel and the Scriptures like no other to find an answer. But everything I found and studied, I had already tried applying to the work over and over again. Then I started thinking about the things we were already doing. If we were being disobedient in some way or if there was some way we could be more obedient. We know we aren’t perfect, but we try to better ourselves each day. I wasn´t getting discouraged, I just knew that it was a trial that I had to face.

Last night when we were waiting for our bus, a man asked me (and I´ll translate into English) "You are from the church of the Mormons aren’t you?" I replied, "Well actually, we are from the Church of Jesus Christ-" then he finished my sentence with "of latter-day saints" I then explained, "other people know us as Mormons because of a book we have, it’s called, The Book of Mormon." he then replied "Yeah with Joseph Smith right?" I said, "Yeah, he translated the Book from another language of Ancient prophets that lived in America:" he then told me something that was music to my ears. "Yeah I´ve read a bit of the Book and I really like it. I´m here in Tuxpan for work. I live in another state but for the next few weeks I´m going to be living here. The people back at home are practically all Mormons, I really like the way they live their lives and I´ve gone to church a couple times." I then started asking him more questions about his experiences with the church and these are all of his responses: "Well I really like the example that they set, they have a type of lifestyle that I want to live my life. Is there a church around here? I thought I passed one the other day but I didn’t see the name outside:" I then asked him more about baptism and he said, "no I haven’t been baptized, but it’s something that I really would like to do, and I would like to learn more about it."

This was AWESOME. And my companion was talking on the phone the whole time with the zone leaders because of something else important that was happening. But I got to know him more, and he lives 2 streets over from our house!

We talk to a lot of people in the street every day. Our goal is at least 20 people every day. We introduce ourselves, give them a card with our names, number, direction of the chapel, when we meet, and other information of the picture on front, and then we describe a bit of what we believe, and extend an invitation to them to come to church with us. We then ask if we can get their address and if we can visit them sometime and share more of our message with them and their family.

I´ll just say that not everybody accepts us... I mean, you know, you were a missionary before. Whenever someone does actually tell us to come by sometimes it’s like, "wait... what?" But we talk to sooooooo many people and with all these people, the people who reject us, I tell my companion that they aren´t contacts. We are planting seeds. Most of the people that we teach have had some type of history with missionaries, whether it be just seeing them walking in the calle or if they talked for 30 seconds. So I always remember these things: Why is this person passing me right now? What did they have to do today and what have I done to be in the exact same spot as this person amongst the thousands and thousands of people in this city? Did God have some way to put them in our path? The reality of it is, I don’t know, so I´m not going to let the opportunity slip, if God had put this person in my path for a reason. And it’s not just the street, it’s in the bus, the taxi, and all other ways when I see someone.

Well, gotta go. Talk to you in a week.
Love, Ty

He captioned this picture with simply "HEAVEN"

Zone Conference in Tuxpan

The Mama.  We had a birthday party for her.

Say what?

My companion who is leaving.  He has been my favorite so far. 
Reminds me of a Mexican Brendan.  :)

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