Friday, November 25, 2016

1 YEAR DOWN.....About 100 pictures


We tell our investigators to trust in their prayers. And Ana Karen had a really cool experience with one this past week. In one of the lessons we taught. She closed with a prayer, asking that her sisters would listen to us. The next lesson. 4 of her 5 sisters and her mom listened. We put baptismal date with them and they came to church yesterday. Also, Hugo and Adriana have been limping along with the message. They have needed to pray!! They do everything, read, go to church, listen to the lesson, its been awesome! They love the message but they always feel like something has been missing. My companion and I have asked if they have prayed and they say its something they haven´t done. We push and push and push the message of prayer. Finally!! We talked to them in this past lesson and they have been praying, and they said that their feelings of something missing just went away!

We ate with a member this week and when we walked in he was watching Civil Wa r... I had to cover my eyes, plug my ears, and ask him to change it.. and then yesterday, we visited a family who are members but that dad isn´t. He was watching Batman vs. Superman. I h ad to cover my ears and wait outside until he changed it :P Its worth the wait. I guess this is just up there with the law of chastity and marriage. Just wait. It will all be worth it.


I have lots of photos but its the Branch Presidents birthday today and I´m gonna be cooking steaks over a homemade grill. Should be fun. They said I can use the computer to send pictures, but I have to go over to their house first. So there will be a delay between sending more pictures

I teach English every Thursday at 6 oclock in the tarde. 

These are my chicks ;) They cant get enough of me when I go to teach an Investigator 

We have to wash our clothes by hand and I took a couple pics :)

Makes my knuckles raw. 

My clothes sitting in fabric softener 

When we ate with Adriana when I completed a year, she started us 
off with some alphabet soup. I spelled my name 

I burned a shirt on my year completion!!!!!! 

Woooo! The next few pictures are of the burning 

10/17 continued:

Today we went to a place called Tajin! Its where a lot of Pyramids are from Book of Mormon times. I took a lot of pictures and these are from our journey of today

This is Hermano Joaquin. He is the BOMB. He took us to Tajin today.

Some of the rocks have engravings on them. Check them closely.

Some of the pyramids still have a little bit of paint from thousands of years ago.

I´m in the middle of the pyramid

We´re on pretty early today. We have some plans for later in the day so we came to write first.

This is from the noche de hogar (family home evening) 
I was at last week when I was sending pictures.

My name on my desk

I found Dad!!! 😉

Don't we look alike?

We filled the Pila up with water and the water was DISGUSTING. We put Clorox in it to take the brown away, so it was a musty green... It was all we could do. Also, we had to clean up because there was water damage from the rain in some parts, and a bunch of ceiling tiles fell down.


Hugo, Adriana, and Ana Karen were baptized yesterday :) The daughter of Hugo and Adriana will be baptized this next Sunday, and the 2 women in the middle picture are progressing as well with their mother. Apart from the youngest in the photo, all the girls are sisters. and we are progressing the whole family :)

I love my companion. He´s awesome. My favorite as far as 

how we get along. I have loved this change.The longest I´ve been with 

one companion is 2 changes, and that was only with one companion.

By the way..the bible is hilarious! If you just imagine the patience needed between God and Moses its so funny. Then Jesus and Peter, Jesus and the Pharisees. Its funny

Read in Genesis where Moses is trying to make excuses to Jehovah about how he isn't a man of many words, then just try and imagine voices of suttle intolerance. A bit annoyed and how Jehovah responds, WHO GAVE MAN THE MOUTH??


I'm still not DL, but I´m still happy :) My companion got changed :( now the Lord has put me to a new test with another famous missionary, who´s famous for not so good of reasons.. Oh! I have had had an ingrown toenail for the past 3 months and it got SUPER bad. It didn´t even look like a toe anymore and it was killing me. I finally went to the doctor and she took off my whole toenail!!!!!!!!!! It looks so gross, but it feels A LOT better. It still hurts a bit but its nothing in comparison to how it was before. My companion took a video of when they took it out, but he got a call in the middle of recording and put pause. So you see before she takes it out, and after she took it out. I took some pictures but forgot my camera in the apartment :P I wanna try and get the video from my companion so I can send it.

Hard day at work!!

Our district in district class

The last 3 are with the familia Lopez Rodriguez. 

They needed their light bulb changed, and since 

I´m considered a giant, they gave it to me to change. 


We had 7 people in church yesterday! :) All of them right now are references from members! We pass by their houses with the members and share with them the message of the restoration and invite them to prepare to be baptized :) I don't have a whole lot of time, in fact I´m just about to log off right now :P but that is how we have been working! :)


I just saw some of the pictures Uncle Mikey sent me, did all of Brendan´s own clothes burn or something? Ha Ha

That's funny. You know something I learned this past week? The nurse who took out my nail is a member. A recent convert at that. And she has had desires to serve a mission. Yet she has been having some doubts about going or not. Then when I got my nail taken out, she put me on "reposo" (rest) so I can get better and to deal with the pain better. But I didn´t care because I´ve always had problems with my feet from football american so I just used Sandals for a week. To me, it was nothing, just another way to go out without it hurting as bad. But to her, she saw it as nothing could stop me from sharing the message of the restored gospel. She knew it hurt, and I still left the house and walked around to teach regardless of the pain. She said that she will always remember this experience and use it as a guide to help her with her mission preparation. What I learned, is that even the smallest of actions we think we do on our part, can set an example for a life decision of someone else. So always do the right, and make sacrifices to do so.

We had a dress up activity, so I cut up a cereal Box, drew an S and went as Klark Kent with the borrowed glasses of a member :) They started calling me Klark Koontz.

I got my box of sunshine to "Brigton" up my day (I guess it helped to BRIGHTON it too) ;)

Like I told grandma, its getting chillier. SO I use my hoodie :)



I´ve had a pretty interesting week this week! I drank a 30+ year old coke (I took 2 sips and dumped it cause it tasted weird.) I have a bit of a cold right now as well. Drinking more is not on my list of things to do, its just something I wanted to try so I could say I´ve done it :) ...and I learned how to knit :) I want to learn different patterns and I´m gonna try and knit my own hat cause I need a beanie for the mornings. I wake up and its pretty chilly so it´ll make me more comfortable during my studies.

And yes, we think it might be more actually. Where I was cutting oranges the other day (the video you saw) behind that tree and in the back of their house their are thousands of old coke bottles. Because they were once a store, they have a surplus of empty bottles that they have tried to sell but nobody buys them. I was looking through all of them and found a carrying tray that had unopened bottles with the original soda still inside. It took me a couple minutes to get it out but I did. THe cap was all rusty and I asked how old it was. They then told me how long ago they had the store and how that box had been sitting their for even longer. They closed their store in 1980 and the bottle had been sitting their for longer. SOooo I of course needed to try it :)

And we found a lot of new investigators this week! But not one of them came to church yesterday... Bummer

Katy and Laura are more sisters of Mayra, Karen, and Adrianna. They are coming along, they just need to come to church more. The boyfriend of Laura just came down to visit and is pretty interested in our message when Adriana was talking to him about it. He is planning on asking Laura to marry him. We found some new investigators this past week that had listened to the missionaries before but hadn´t progressed very well. I now see why. They say they will do a lot of things but when the time comes to put actions to words they are no where to be found.

I had a dream last night that I was just getting home again. I walked into the capilla (chapel) at home and saw Grandma with Uncle Mike, and other members of the ward. There were a couple missionaries and a sister missionary that we had been talking with. Grandma asked me why I was home already and I said, "I finished my 2 years!! What are you talking about why already?" Then I was talking to Brendan and then I started thinking about what the date was. I realized it was November. Then I looked at everyone, and said, "Hey you guys, I´m really sorry. But this is a dream." Then I woke up.

My companion and Ana Karen (convert) had an arm wrestle. She really made him work to win and it didn´t really like she was doing anything.... hehe..

I was eating Oreos and scored a double-decker!! pretty cool.

I love the colder weather. I started listening to my Christmas music again.
But to me it still feels like October. I was walking through a Mexican version of JCPenneys called Fabricas de Francia and passed be the iPhones and iPads, I was like wow... technology. I have a little peanut phone that only calls and sends texts. I do have a snake game though.

Oh, well I gotta go now. I have to wash my clothes. and I´m gonna go buy an esquite :) its a cup of corn with butter, mayonaise, 2 types of cheese, lime, and chilé :) yummmmmmmmmmm Love ya! Talk to you in a week :)

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