Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mexico City Temple/Gave his first Priesthood blessing/Gave his first haircut

Note: Ty and I were able to email back and forth a little today and he confessed that last week's email was a little bit of a prank.  He assured me that his English is perfectly in tact.
Ty at the Mexico City Temple Visitor's Center
Hi Family!
I hope Amy had a good time with her party, she looks like she had a lot of fun. I cut a guys hair this week! He loved it. Then I cut mine and I love it. I look pretty fresh and I can easily say that I´m a pretty good barber ;) I miss you guys a lot and hope you don't make too big of a mess of my room :) 
Note - We moved my treadmill into his room :)
    Also.... A request for some cookies on Christmas is in order... and I wouldn't be too upset if I got another care package because that last one was a very pleasant surprise.. The food here is alright...  . We have a gym here but they only have two 45lb plates so I normally hog them... I've been staying healthy as much as I can. I floss every morning, brush my teeth, gargle with mouth wash, and do my hair. It's a cycle. Oh and THEY MADE US MOVE HOUSES. The storm did hit us the other night and there was a lot of water. But, they moved us because they thought it was going to flood. We had to pack up all our stuff and move down the street. 
    We have gym time everyday and cage soccer is awesome. Its sooooo much fun. its probably my second favorite sport now. Oh and don't tell Amy yet, just show her the picture once I send it.. But I FOUND MEOW. 
Note - Meow was the nickname of Amy's Counselor at her Oakcrest Girls Camp over the Summer.  She is going to a Texas Spanish speaking mission so she was sent to the Mexico MTC.  Picture below..
Ty and Hermana Homer "Meow"
   I have constantly been striving to feel the spirit. I gave my first blessing on Sunday, we were talking about priesthood ordinances and my companion said he had a blood clot in his arm that he would like to receive a blessing for because he´s getting worried about it. He sat on the chair and another Elder anointed the oil on his head. Then I gave the blessing. I felt so blessed because I thought the branch president was going to give him the blessing. As I was sitting in my chair, I kept getting this feeling that when he was going to be blessed, he needed to be blessed with comfort with the gift of tongues. He´s been struggling a little bit with the language but while I was sitting there I was trying to figure out how I could get the branch president to include that in his blessing. Then the branch president asked me to give the blessing and the spirit overcame me. It was such a privledge to be able to give my companion a blessing, and to receive the revelation of what needed to be said.

   I am constantly thanking Heavenly Father for all the spiritual opportunities that I have and the talks that I can listen to. We recently had a member of the 70 and his wife come and speak to us last night at the devotional. He had great experiences and carried the spirit with him. The sacrament meetings here are great and very spiritual as well.

Love you, miss you,


Ty's District in front of the CCM (MTC)

Ty gave his first haircut to one of the other Elders in his district, and to himself.  Lookin good!
Ty and his companion at the Mexico City Temple

Ty and his District at the Mexico City Temple

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