Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 7...Found 11 investigators..Pics of his apartment, etc.

Ty and his companion Elder Herrera.  Ty said he feels like a Giant around everyone.
 Elder Herrera is from Mexico City and speaks just a little English.

Hi Family,

We found 11 investigators this week! 11 people that are preparing for a baptismal date!!!! :) 6 out of the 11 came to church yesterday, and each of them have certain obstacles in their lives, and it fills my heart with joy seeing them work through them. Ivonne is keeping all the commandments. She had distractions, but she said that she felt peace and happiness every time she thought about hearing another lesson from us and continuing to her baptismal date. Jaime at first wasn’t really interested in our message. He had read the bible and believed in it. He couldn’t understand how the Book of Mormon could teach with the Bible. We gave him a copy and invited him to read it. He told us about how he prayed to know if it was true, He read the introduction and I think the testimonies of the 3 witnesses and the testimony of the 8 witnesses. In our next lesson, he explained to us his testimony of how he knew Joseph Smith was a true prophet.

Saturday we met Maribel. She didn’t believe that God knew who she was. She said she believed that there was a God but that he was only there and that he created us. Her husband had passed away a while ago, we explained to her about the Plan of Salvation and that sparked her attention. She listened further and during and after our lesson she began to cry, and tell us that we must have been angels. Because of the happiness that she felt, and the peace in knowing that through the covenants she makes here on Earth, she can see her husband again. She came to church the next day and had questions, she asked the teachers and they had the answers to what she wanted to know. She talked to us afterwards and shared her feelings. She explained how she felt the same way that she did when we had taught her the lesson the previous day. She invited us to come back over so we can share with her more.

All these experiences help me feel the spirit. It helps me to remember my purpose for being here and it gives me energy and strength to go about my day. I love seeing the brightness in the eyes of our investigators when they feel the spirit. It’s nothing huge. It’s not some overpowering feeling that makes them do anything crazy. You can just see how our words, the words and guidance of the Spirit work wonders in the hearts of people. I love the mission. I hope you strive to feel the spirit. I am blessed to serve in the Lords name. I have His name on my chest and I represent Him every day.

Pray. Pray sincerely, offer your heart and ask a question, it doesn’t need to be anything huge. Anything your heart desires to know. Truth, guidance, peace, literally anything you wish to know or feel and your prayers will be answered. A quote from the scriptures, "with a broken heart and a contrite spirit." Sincerity is how we can know.


Elder Koontz


With Jaime, one of their investigators.  His nickname is Pan (like bread in Spanish)

P-day Zone Activity
P-day Zone Activity - Broom Hockey

With Investigators

With some of the youth in their area

With the baby of one of the investigators.  Ty LOVES babies!

Ty has fond memories of living in our apartment in California and the Mexican man coming through
with his little cart with corn on the cob covered in Mayo and salt.  Disgusting I know but he loved it!

Ty's study area, he's very proud of his cleanliness. (he told us so)

Study tools.

Frosted Flakes with...Energy.  Alrighty then.

Like I said, he feels like a giant, even in his own apartment


The walkway that leads their apartment.

With Modesto, the first member he met and ate with when he arrived.

Kitchen area

Ty's space.  Again, proud of his cleanliness.

With some more members

Ty says there are animals EVERYWHERE!

He's very thankful for the cover he has for his bag. It has rained everyday.

The streets are always flooded

The streets are always flooded

Public transportation or their own feet.  That's how they get around.

Church activity

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