Friday, December 4, 2015

Ty's first week in the field

Presidente y Hma. Greer
Hi Family,

I made it to Xalapa last Monday and now I am in my first area which is Misantla, Veracruz, MX.

I love my companion and we get along well. His name is Elder Herrera and to me I think of him as Mario. I told this to Brendan already but I said that if I were to give him a red hat and a mustache I could either make millions or be sued for copyright purposes.

We eat with the members Every Single Day. Pretty much, if we don’t eat with a member we don’t eat....until today. We went shopping and stocked up on food. My lovely, real American food. The food here is good, but its sooo different. We have tortillas with every meal and they are always freshly made. They are different though. They aren’t the white flour tortillas and they are kind of like corn tortillas. I have learned to love them because we eat pretty much once a day. I now love limes, tortillas, rice, beans, soup, and a lot of spicy stuff. I think mom prepared me when I was in the womb for my mission because it has grown on me pretty fast.

They have to pay for toilet paper in public places. 

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for teaching me how to deep clean. When I first got here the place was disgusting. I was surprised that people would live in such a sty. I literally cleaned that mess out of the place today. The ways I coped with the filth throughout the week is because when I was in the shower, I would look around and say, "Monday... You’re mine."

I love the work, I have already developed a love for all the members and investigators I’ve met. I’ve been learning a lot, and I had my first commitment to baptism on Thursday. It was sooooo cool. We were originally looking to contact an inactive member and we ended up teaching her sister. I knew that she had been prepared by the Lord because of the desire to know of the truth. I understand the language with the doctrine pretty well and I feel comfortable when I bare my testimony because the words just seem to flow. Regular language is difficult though. I can understand quite a bit but normal conversation is difficult.

They have my packages but I don’t get them until December 16. So just a little longer and I can send more pictures.

I seek the spirit wherever I go and I seek out every opportunity. I believe my first challenge was this week. Friday night I started to get sick, Saturday it got worse, and Sunday I felt terrible. On top of that, we started a 24 hour fast midday on Saturday. I worked through it and did all I could to focus on the work. It’s funny, I was talking to my companion and I told him that I knew that it was a test. We continued throughout the day and he kept suggesting that we go home but I did not want to because I wanted to keep working. I focused on diligence and endurance and forgetting about my problems. We ended up finding two more investigators last night. Ivonne and Jaime. Brother and Sister. They committed to baptism and we have a date set in January. I know that if we push through our problems we will be blessed. I went to bed last night and said my personal prayers. During my prayer, I explained how I had recognized my trial and I conquered it. I asked that he would take this sickness away from me. I had a headache, sore throat, my eyes were sunken and my nose was plugged, and then I just felt all around weak. My body was a wreck. I went to bed still feeling terrible and when I woke up this morning I was completely fine. J

We don’t really know our exact address because our area is weird. There are street names and everything but we don’t know ours. I am in Misantla, Veracruz. Look up where the church is located and we are across the street. There should be some big garage and a small road leading into an alley way looking thing right next to it on the left. If you can go into street view, go into the alley way and there should be a white gate. That gate leads into our apartment.

Talk to you next week….Love you,


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