Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hi Family,

I have been reading my Patriarchal blessing A LOT more and things are coming more clearly to me. It is mind blowing. I want to live worthily already but by continuing to read it makes me want to be perfect. Even though there may be quite a bit of symbolism in it, I take everything literally so that I live my life according to receiving the blessings. I encourage you to read your patriarchal blessing.

Not much has happened around here that’s new. There have been a lot of gun shots just outside the CCM and Policia sirens follow shortly after. We just study study study and the days just fly by. I’ve been reading Jesus the Christ on my own time in the mornings and nights and its really good. During the day if I have time, I read the true to the faith book. It’s really good and I´ve really gotten into it. Did you know that when a church is divided into Stakes (Welby stake for example), it’s in reference to the prophet Isaiah when he said the church of the last days will be like a tent and supported by stakes?

I did get your package and I've been eating it sparingly ;) I wanted to save my package for Halloween, but we started our Sunday fast right after lunch on Halloween. My companion and I got sad, and the candy was staring at us the whole time during our fast... Even though I enjoyed my time fasting, and didn't feel that hungry. The candy still looked REALLY gooooood :)))) I haven't taken really any pictures this week because there isn't much to capture. I can't find my camera cord anywhere but I'm still continuing to look for it. Oh! I just remembered what we did for Halloween. One of the guys in my room Elder Stewart, and I had a costume. He got on top of my shoulders and he put on my trench coat. We walked into breakfast with it on and everyone loved it. Everybody wanted pictures and even our Mission Presidents second counselor thought it was hilarious. We combined our name tags so it said, Elder Koontzwart. I have a picture and I’ll send it as soon as I can. It’s rained quite a bit here and I've been getting great use out of the trench coat. People love it. They say I pull it off quite well. 

Love, Ty

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