Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hi Family,

I love and miss you guys too. I don’t have a whole lot more time to email so I will try and cram as much as I can in. Everything is good and I´m continuing to work hard. I strive to feel the spirit and the Book of Mormon is awesome. There are so many cool stories and I´ve been reading my missionary library as well. Jesus the Christ is mind blowing and True to the Faith has so much information on doctrinal things that I have had questions about. I have enjoyed reading a lot more and it’s been great. My Spanish is coming great, too.

Elder Putnam is actually in another District but he is in my zone. I went yesterday to keep him company and he´s doing better. (Elder Putnam just had his appendix removed and the Elders have been taking turns staying with him in the hospital.) The work is good and my stomach is good. I´ve shared a lot of stories with my companion and my District. We’re all pretty closely knit. I haven´t listened to my iPod because they don´t let us listen to them in the MTC. I can once I get out but that’s all I know. I need another USB cord that can plug into my camera and the speaker. I just used the speaker cord for the camera and it worked fine. I can´t find it anywhere.

I have a new favorite scripture. Alma 26:22. Read it and apply it to yourself. Take out the words ¨he that¨ and ït shall¨ and replace he that with your name and it shall with the word you. It is my favorite scripture. I’ve been reading my patriarchal blessing a lot more and it’s been a blessing. I look forward to more great opportunities. You should read mine and take it literally. It’s mind blowing.

I have to go but I wish you all luck in your endeavors.  Pray for good dreams.  I do every night and I always enjoy them.  Stay safe and healthy.  I love you all.


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